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Mastering Your Greatness

Choose your own greatness - we are the strings that vibrate within the cosmos, and the divine is urging us to play. Let our sense-of-self, co-orchestrate the music to master greatness, let our vibe radiate outward. At this very moment we are the sum total of all our decisions, by taking ownership of our choices and past, we can achieve greatness. Look upon yourself and make the changes you want most, the universe will only give you what you perceive to be the truth. The best advice I ever received was from a mentor: “no matter where you are in life you can always grow no matter your circumstances” (poverty or riches you are the direct orchestrator of your change). What you focus on is the song you sing – whether it’s positive or negative. Our typical self improvement cycle consists of goal setting, actions, and achieving…but what happens after you achieved that goal? This is where the ‘now what’ statement comes into play. We often create ‘these meaningless’ goals on the terms to achi…

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