Mastering Your Greatness

Choose your own greatness - we are the strings that vibrate within the cosmos, and the divine is urging us to play. Let our sense-of-self, co-orchestrate the music to master greatness, let our vibe radiate outward.
At this very moment we are the sum total of all our decisions, by taking ownership of our choices and past, we can achieve greatness. Look upon yourself and make the changes you want most, the universe will only give you what you perceive to be the truth. The best advice I ever received was from a mentor: “no matter where you are in life you can always grow no matter your circumstances” (poverty or riches you are the direct orchestrator of your change). What you focus on is the song you sing – whether it’s positive or negative.
Our typical self improvement cycle consists of goal setting, actions, and achieving…but what happens after you achieved that goal? This is where the ‘now what’ statement comes into play. We often create ‘these meaningless’ goals on the terms to achieve, but, we never actually think about the meaning of the goal, therefore leaving am 'one cycle'. The ‘now what’ leaves you wanting more, never being satisfied. Is this the open cycle you find yourself in -> wanting more, more money, therefore work harder, work longer, and feel less satisfied with life. This type of behavior can lead to breakdowns, health issues, missed family time and more. Trust me I understand that drive is, but ask yourself these crucial questions - why are you doing what you do, why did you set these goals? … How is it benefiting the world, your family, or your health? A Rolex will never make you satisfied.
I was part of this cycle less than a year ago, by the age of 23 I had won numerous awards in my industry, shown in fashion weeks, I was well recognized in my community, an extremely hard worker, and my first job out of university was a senior position with a multibillion dollar company, I was directly responsible for around $52 million dollars. I was obsessed with perfection. No matter the accomplishment it always left me wanting more, more external praise and success. Continuing with my self-destructive song I only attracted more into my life. As of four years ago I was shot in a drive-by shooting and hit by a car a year and a half later. What more could happen I thought? I became so focused on being strong for everyone around me I neglected to take care of myself.
I was in the cycle, the open cycle of needing more and more to feel accomplished. I was constantly telling myself I was not good enough. I attracted exactly what fell into my lap, tragedy, hurt and pain because that was what I was reflecting on myself… the universe only gave me what I told it to.
When I accepted the senior position upon my graduation I ran with it, I ended up crashing, and I was sick - I had no self-love, I did not value who I was or what I could offer. I gave too much of myself to the position and with my very fragile state of mind I had to quit due to a nervous break down. Honestly it was the best thing that ever happened to me. Once I left, it opened a whole can of worms - At that point I believed I couldn't heal myself, to be honest I had no idea how to ‘feel’ and actually feeling scared the living daylights out of me. I crashed hard, tears ran down my face uncontrollably, the thought of being in public scared me and made me anxious and fearful. How can someone come from such a loving family have such feelings? The reason why was because I didn’t seek satisfaction or accomplishment internally I was seeking it from an outside source, once I obtained ‘the achieved’ it was old news. This leads the body down the road to burn out!
It took me months to overcome this sense of sorrow… it’s like being thrown down a dark tunnel. After many months of seclusion, I finally woke up one morning to a voice telling me to do something, make a change, and listen to your gut. I meditated every day sometimes three times a day asking for peace, love, health, and then I would surrender to the greater power to help guide me.
As humans all our problems seemed to be traced back to fear and anxiety, because we feel unworthy. If this song relates to you, make this your sign to change! Let those around you see your great authentic self, and believe. No matter how big or small your problems are there's always a way out, but it's up to you to advocate for yourself even in the darkest moments. I promise there is always someone who loves you around the corner, you need to choose to see it.
Have faith in the universe it will always have your back – you are not alone because God, the Divine, the Cosmos (whatever you believe) only want to bring you love and joy. When you start seeing everything through the teacher of love life is limitless. Dream big, the universe will help guide you to your heart’s desires. For sustained longevity and success make sure your dreams are inline with the greater good. When dreaming don't get hung up on the details, for every detour it is you moving in the right direction. When you finally realize that, and surrender to the universe, true love will come through and poor onto others…joy and happiness will only be the side effects. You are already everything you are and everything that you need be to reach total bliss - the master of the outside world will never be able to give you anything better than that (you are your own light).
Choosing your own greatness is up to you. You must realize what miracle lies within you, and be aware of the song you’re singing. No excuses can be given, you’ve attracted all the events you've gone through - you are the sum of all your decisions, and choices up to this point in time. Take a moment and critically look at your life… are you closing a sustainable cycle? – we all need to wake up and live the life we all deserve. Our birthright is happiness and joy. When you start living inline with the universe and the beauty of the world, we can expect great things - limitless abundance. Join my quest to further your journey to happiness.